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Where data meets intelligence. 
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Pipeline Integrity Management System

PIMSF is a state of the art pipeline integrity management software for visualizing, managing and maintaining pipelines and workflows.


Fully accessible via any device connected to Internet or Corporate VPNs. On-premise & Off-premise.


Supports any inline or non-inline inspection data provider/vendor for a compact pipeline overview.


PIMSF uses advanced algorithms to constantly update and align pipeline data after repairs or re-routes.

Simulation and prediction

Uses ASME B31G standards to simulate and predict corrosion growth or repair deadlines.

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Optimized functionality on any device, mobile or desktop via the cloud.
Responsive design allows access to every part of the system from the field via any device connected to the Internet for easier data verification and communication. 
Data Manipulation

Loading ILI and NON-ILI inspection data into PostgreSQL database with powerful processing and distributed computing methods for comprehensive data manipulation.

Work Manager

After a selection of an anomaly group, design dig sheets and assign work orders directly to other users of the system with direct links to the datasets and additional information.

Data Configuration

Allows for configuration of any data set regardless of the inline or non-inline inspection vendor. Flexible format support, recognition and mapping towards the need of a data analysis.

Pipeline Manager

Define all needed elements, protections and changes on the pipeline with versioning so that a complete activity histogram is available.

Data Explorer

PIMSF gives compact and complete visualisation of the imported data sets for pipeline management and monitoring. Compare, analyse and predict future corrosion growth.

Field Operations

Responsive design allows access to every part of the system from the field via any device connected to Internet for easier data verification and communication.

Let us handle the data while you handle the operational decisions.

Approach to Development upgrades

Software activities are constantly monitored with feedback from users so that functionality upgrades and interface updates are the core parts of the development process.

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We are in constant communication with the operators, pipeline engineers and geodetic personnel for specific feedback regarding application improvement.



Our engineering team is continuously working on introducing new functionalities and features that help operators tackle specific use-cases in their domains.



Testing and Quality assurance is a key part of delivering improvements in our platform as all data is backtested and adjusted towards new upgrades.



As the software is Cloud based, there is minimal downtime during new upgrades as well as seamless integration to the end users with no involvement from their side.


PIMSF is a scalable platform with easy onboarding of new operators and engineers or supporting big datasets of inspections.

Native localisation

PIMSF is supporting various languages per request. Currently we are supporting English and Croatian with Russian and German coming in the near future.

Integrated support

PIMSF provides integrated support system with a vast knowledge base to get up to date with possibilities inside the platform.

System Setup & Deploy

On-premise or Off-premise

Education and Training

Complete personnel onboarding

Continuous Support

Constant work with our engineers and consultants

Independent Work

Inhouse management of workflows

Built on open source technologies with no hidden costs.

Faster Development
Faster Agile Innovation
Cost Savings

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